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A footballers ego

Who am I?

My name is Luca, I am 20 Years old, currently playing semi-professional Football in Lisbon, Portugal. I achieved my dream of turning professional at 16 years in the Netherlands but after enduring many set backs both intrinsic and extrinsic I find myself building from the ground up once again. 

What I do?

Throughout my career I for one have struggled with the pressures, psychological fatigue and social expectation of professional football. I found a passion in helping and mentoring younger players by sharing my experiences and how I was able to overcome them. This lead me towards Psychology. I began my bachelor's in psychological sciences over a year ago which I complete along side my footballing career. My ambition is to raise awareness to the reality of mental health struggles amongst young footballers and provide skills to be able to cope and excel.

Why a footballers ego? 

My goal here is to share my story's and experiences with as much authenticity and vulnerability as possible, hopefully passing on techniques or vital lesson's that may aid in the self improvement of any player who wishes to assist my journey.

How to be involved?

Not only will I share my stories but I encourage any footballer or athlete to share their experiences and battle's in the world of sport. Unfortunately there is a negative connotation about admitting to mental health struggles especially in football. I aim to create an environment free of judgement where players can express themselves honestly and realise everyone, no matter who you are, will struggle at some point in their career or just life in general. We are all human, we all deserve to be heard and not feel alone.

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